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GAMBIT  v1.5.0-2191-ga4742ac
a Global And Modular Bsm Inference Tool
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file  decay_table.cpp [code]
 Decay table class definitions.
file  equivalency_singleton.cpp [code]
 GAMBIT type equivalency object accessor function.
file  functors.cpp [code]
 Functor base class definitions.
file  higgs_couplings_table.cpp [code]
 Lightweight higgs partial widths container.
file  ini_catch.cpp [code]
 Micro function useful from all sorts of other initialisation codes.
file  ini_functions.cpp [code]
 Functions for triggering initialisation code.
file  mssm_slhahelp.cpp [code]
 Definitions of routines to help users / Bits translate between SLHA2 sfermions and SLHA1 (or similar) sfermions.
file  slhaea_spec_helpers.cpp [code]
 Helper functions for dealing with SLHAea and spectrum objects.
file  sminputs.cpp [code]
 Helper functions for SMInputs struct.
file  smlike_higgs.cpp [code]
 Helper function to determine which Higgs is most SM-like.
file  spectrum.cpp [code]
 This class is used to deliver both information defined in the Standard Model (or potentially just QED X QCD) as a low-energy effective theory (as opposed to correspending information defined in a high-energy model) as well as a corresponding high energy theory.
file  subspectrum.cpp [code]
 Abstract class for accessing general spectrum information.
file  terminator.cpp [code]
 Garbage collection of last resort.
file  type_equivalency.cpp [code]
 Implementations for type_equivalency class, a simple container used for storing info about which types have been defined as equivalent for depencency resolution purposes.
file  virtual_higgs.cpp [code]
 Simple function for returning SM Higgs partial and total widths as a function of virtuality, as read from data files from CERN Yellow Paper arXiv:1307.1347.