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GAMBIT  v1.5.0-252-gf9a3f78
a Global And Modular Bsm Inference Tool
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directory  analyses
directory  limits
directory  models


file  ColliderBit_dummy.cpp [code]
 Dummy ColliderBit functions.
file  ColliderBit_eventloop.cpp [code]
 Functions of ColliderBit event loop.
file  ColliderBit_Higgs.cpp [code]
 Functions of ColliderBit that deal exclusively with Higgs physics some functions were originally in CollderBit.cpp.
file  ColliderBit_LEP.cpp [code]
 Functions of ColliderBit LEP likelihoods.
file  getxsec.cpp [code]
 Module functions for computing cross-sections.
file  lep_mssm_xsecs.cpp [code]
 Sparticle production cross-section calculators for LEP.
file  LHC_likelihoods.cpp [code]
 ColliderBit LHC signal and likelihood functions.
file  MC_convergence.cpp [code]
 ColliderBit Monte Carlo convergence routines.
file  MCLoopInfo.cpp [code]
 Type for holding event loop information.
file  mt2_bisect.cpp [code]
file [code]
file  mt2w_bisect.cpp [code]
file  Utils.cpp [code]
file  xsec.cpp [code]
 ColliderBit (production) cross-section class.