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GAMBIT  v1.5.0-252-gf9a3f78
a Global And Modular Bsm Inference Tool
Utils Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for Utils:


file  ascii_dict_reader.hpp [code]
 Simple reader for ASCII tables.
file  ascii_table_reader.hpp [code]
 Simple reader for ASCII tables.
file  boost_fallbacks.hpp [code]
 Copies of boost headers that are required but that may be too recent to be present on the user's machine, or are buggy in some versions of boost.
file  cats.hpp [code]
 Concatenation macros.
file  exceptions.hpp [code]
 Threadsafe exception class declarations.
file  export_symbols.hpp [code]
 Helper macro for controlling symbol visibility in shared libraries.
file  factory_registry.hpp [code]
 Utility functions used by ScannerBit and the GAMBIT printers to register available scanners and printers.
file  file_lock.hpp [code]
 GAMBIT file locking functions Use these to block access to sensitive parts of the code by other processes when we are using them.
file  integration.hpp [code]
 Helper functions for numerical integration.
file  local_info.hpp [code]
 LOCAL_INFO macro.
file  model_parameters.hpp [code]
 Class for holding model parameters.
file  mpiwrapper.hpp [code]
 A simple C++ wrapper for the MPI C bindings.
file  new_mpi_datatypes.hpp [code]
 Definitions of new MPI datatypes needed by printers.
file  numerical_constants.hpp [code]
 Basic set of known mathematical and physical constants for GAMBIT.
file  safebool.hpp [code]
 A replacement type for 'bool' which does not allow automatic conversion to/from 'int' etc.
file  screen_print_utils.hpp [code]
 Utility Functions for the Gambit Scanner.
file  signal_handling.hpp [code]
 GAMBIT signal handling functions.
file  signal_helpers.hpp [code]
 Helper functions for dealing with POSIX signals.
file  standalone_error_handlers.hpp [code]
 Exception objects required for standalone compilation.
file  standalone_utils.hpp [code]
 Utilities needed to use a GAMBIT module as a standalone analysis code.
file  static_members.hpp [code]
 Initialisation of static member variables in utility classes.
file  statistics.hpp [code]
 Declarations of statistical utilities.
file  stream_overloads.hpp [code]
 Define overloadings of the stream operator for various containers.
file  stringify.hpp [code]
 Stringification macro.
file  table_formatter.hpp [code]
 Utility Functions for the Gambit Scanner.
file  threadsafe_rng.hpp [code]
 A threadsafe interface to the STL random number generators.
file  type_index.hpp [code]
 Variadic utilty functions.
file  type_macros.hpp [code]
 Macros for declaring different types for GAMBIT.
file  util_functions.hpp [code]
 General small utility functions.
file  util_macros.hpp [code]
 General small utility macros.
file  util_types.hpp [code]
 General small utility classes, typedefs, etc.
file  variadic_functions.hpp [code]
 Variadic utilty functions.
file  version.hpp [code]
 Version numbering.
file  yaml_node_utility.hpp [code]
 Wrapper functionality to get yaml nodes with some extras.
file  yaml_options.hpp [code]
 Declarations for the YAML options class.
file  yaml_parser_base.hpp [code]
 Base class for ini-file parsers using yaml-cpp.
file  yaml_variadic_functions.hpp [code]
 Variadic utilty functions which work with YAML objects.