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GAMBIT  v1.5.0-2191-ga4742ac
a Global And Modular Bsm Inference Tool
Models Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for Models:


directory  models
directory  SimpleSpectra
directory  SpectrumContents


file  claw_singleton.hpp [code]
 GAMBIT model claw object accessor function.
file  model_helpers.hpp [code]
file  model_macros.hpp [code]
 Helper macros for model definitions.
file  models.hpp [code]
 Model helper declarations.
file  orphan.hpp [code]
 Base lineage for starting orphan models.
file  particle_macros.hpp [code]
 Macros for defining new particles.
file  partmap.hpp [code]
 Class definitions for GAMBIT particle database.
file  safe_param_map.hpp [code]
 Simple overlay of std::map that makes [] act like .at(), so that Param map in module functors can give a more customised error.