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GAMBIT  v1.5.0-2191-ga4742ac
a Global And Modular Bsm Inference Tool
src Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for src:


file  container_factory.cpp [code]
 Likelihood container factory implementations.
file  core.cpp [code]
 GAMBIT Core driver class implementation.
file  core_singleton.cpp [code]
 GAMBIT Core object accessor function.
file  depresolver.cpp [code]
 Dependency resolution with boost graph library.
file  diagnostics.cpp [code]
 GAMBIT Core diagnostics implementation.
file  error_handlers.cpp [code]
 Exception object definitions.
file  functors.cpp [code]
 Explicit functor template class instantiations for the full GAMBIT executable.
file  functors_with_signals.cpp [code]
 Functor member function definitions for functions which are not needed in standlone compile units, because they use the core signal handling system.
file  gambit.cpp [code]
 GAMBIT executable.
file  ini_functions.cpp [code]
 Core-only functions for triggering initialisation code.
file  likelihood_container.cpp [code]
 Likelihood container implementations.
file  modelgraph.cpp [code]
 Library of ModelGraph methods.
file  yaml_description_database.cpp [code]
 Small wrapper object for parsing and emitting capability/model etc.
file  yaml_parser.cpp [code]
 Ini-file parser based on yaml-cpp.