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GAMBIT  v1.5.0-2191-ga4742ac
a Global And Modular Bsm Inference Tool
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file  ascii_dict_reader.cpp [code]
 Simple reader for ASCII tables.
file  ascii_table_reader.cpp [code]
 Simple reader for ASCII tables.
file  exceptions.cpp [code]
 Threadsafe exception class definitions.
file  file_lock.cpp [code]
 GAMBIT file locking functions Use these to block access to sensitive parts of the code by other processes when we are using them.
file  integration.cpp [code]
 Definition of functions for numerical integration.
file  model_parameters.cpp [code]
 Definitions for ModelParameters class.
file  mpiwrapper.cpp [code]
 Definitions for Gambit MPI C++ bindings.
file  new_mpi_datatypes.cpp [code]
 Function definitions for new_mpi_datatypes.hpp.
file  screen_print_utils.cpp [code]
 Utility Functions for the Gambit Scanner.
file  signal_handling.cpp [code]
 GAMBIT signal handling functions.
file  signal_helpers.cpp [code]
 Function definitions for signal helper functions.
file  slhaea_helpers.cpp [code]
 Helper functions for dealing with SLHAea objects.
file  standalone_error_handlers.cpp [code]
 Exception objects required for standalone compilation.
file  standalone_utils.cpp [code]
 Includes implementations needed to use a GAMBIT module as a standalone analysis code.
file  statistics.cpp [code]
 Definitions of statistical utilities.
file  stream_overloads.cpp [code]
 Define overloadings of the stream operator for various containers.
file  table_formatter.cpp [code]
 Utility Functions for the Gambit Scanner.
file  threadsafe_rng.cpp [code]
 A threadsafe interface to the STL random number generators.
file  util_functions.cpp [code]
 General small utility functions.
file  version.cpp [code]
 Version command.
file  yaml_node_utility.cpp [code]
 Wrapper functionality to get yaml nodes with some extras.
file  yaml_parser_base.cpp [code]
 Base class for ini-file parsers using yaml-cpp.