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Printers Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for Printers:


directory  printers


file  basebaseprinter.hpp [code]
 This is a minimal (pure virtual) precursor to the printer base class, for use only in ScannerBit.
file  baseprinter.hpp [code]
 Declaration and definition of printer base class.
file  baseprintermanager.hpp [code]
 Pure virtual base class for PrinterManager This provides a minimal interface to the PrinterManager class for use in ScannerBit i.e.
file  printer_id_tools.hpp [code]
 Tools for accessing printers.
file  printermanager.hpp [code]
 Manager class for printers.
file  VertexBuffer_mpitags.hpp [code]
 MPI tag definitions for the VertexBuffer classes.
file  VertexBufferBase.hpp [code]
 Declaration of VertexBufferBase class This is the base buffer class used by the HDF5Printer vertex buffers, but it may be useful for other printers, so I put it in the more general location.
file  VertexBufferNumeric1D.hpp [code]
 Declaration of VertexBufferNumeric1D class This version of VertexBufferBase adds a series of routines for managing a 1D data buffer (i.e.