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GAMBIT  v1.5.0-2191-ga4742ac
a Global And Modular Bsm Inference Tool
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file  Axions.cpp [code]
 GAMBIT: Global and Modular BSM Inference Tool

Axion-specific module functions for DarkBit.
  file  Cascades.cpp [code]  GAMBIT side of Cascade decay codes.
  file  DarkBit.cpp [code]  Central module file of DarkBit.
  file  DarkBit_types.cpp [code]  Source code for types for module DarkBit.
  file  DarkBit_utils.cpp [code]  Utility functions for DarkBit.
  file  decay_chain.cpp [code]  Implementation of classes and functions for decay chain setup Currently only accepts 2-body decays in each step, and assumes that particles decay isotropically in their CM system (like scalars).
  file  DiracSingletDM.cpp [code]  Implementation of DiracSingletDM routines.
  file  DirectDetection.cpp [code]  Routines for direct detection couplings and likelihoods.
  file  GamYields.cpp [code]  Routines for the calculation of gamma-ray yield from dark matter annihilation / decay.
  file  MajoranaSingletDM.cpp [code]  Implementation of MajoranaSingletDM routines.
  file  MSSM.cpp [code]  MSSM specific module functions for DarkBit.
  file  ProcessCatalog.cpp [code]  Implementation file for DarkBit Process Catalog constituents types.
  file  RelicDensity.cpp [code]  Relic density calculations.
  file  ScalarSingletDM.cpp [code]  Implementation of scalar singlet DM routines.
  file  SimpleHist.cpp [code]  Implementation file for DarkBit SimpleHist types.
  file  SimpleLikelihoods.cpp [code]  Various simple likelihood functions.
  file  SunNeutrinos.cpp [code]  Solar neutrino likelihoods.
  file  VectorSingletDM.cpp [code]  Implementation of VectorSingletDM routines.