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SimpleLikelihoods.cpp File Reference

Various simple likelihood functions. More...

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void Gambit::DarkBit::set_gamLike_GC_halo (bool &result)
 Fermi LAT dwarf likelihoods, based on arXiv:1108.2914. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_FermiLATdwarfs_gamLike (double &result)
 Fermi LAT dwarf likelihoods, using gamLike backend. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_HESSGC_gamLike (double &result)
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_CTAGC_gamLike (double &result)
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_FermiGC_gamLike (double &result)
 Fermi LAT galactic center likelihoods, using gamLike backend. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_oh2_Simple (double &result)
 Likelihood for cosmological relic density constraints. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_oh2_upperlimit (double &result)
 Likelihood for cosmological relic density constraints, implemented as an upper limit only Default data: Omega_c h^2 = 0.1188 +/- 0.0010 (1 sigma), Gaussian. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_sigmas_sigmal (double &result)
 Likelihoods for spin independent nuclear parameters. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_deltaq (double &result)
 Likelihoods for spin dependent nuclear parameters. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_rho0_lognormal (double &result)
 Likelihoods for halo parameters. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_vrot_gaussian (double &result)
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_v0_gaussian (double &result)
void Gambit::DarkBit::lnL_vesc_gaussian (double &result)
void Gambit::DarkBit::dump_GammaSpectrum (double &result)
 Helper function to dump gamma-ray spectra. More...

Detailed Description

Various simple likelihood functions.

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Christoph Weniger (
2013 Jul - 2015 May
Sebastian Wild (sebas.nosp@m.tian.nosp@m..wild.nosp@m.@ph..nosp@m.tum.d.nosp@m.e)
2016 Aug

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