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numerical_constants.hpp File Reference

Basic set of known mathematical and physical constants for GAMBIT. More...

#include <cmath>
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struct  Gambit::Mesons_masses
struct  Gambit::Mesons_decay_constants


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const double Gambit::pi = 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197
const double Gambit::root2 = sqrt(2.0)
const double Gambit::zeta3 = 1.2020569031595942855
const double Gambit::hbar = 6.582119514e-25
const double Gambit::K2eV = 8.6173303e-5
const double Gambit::eV2g = 1.782661907e-33
const double Gambit::gev2cm = 197.327053e-16
const double Gambit::gev2cm2 = pow(197.327053e-16, 2.0)
const double Gambit::gev2pb = gev2cm2*1e36
const double Gambit::gev2tocm3s1 = 1.16733e-17
const double Gambit::s2cm = 2.99792458e10
const double Gambit::m_planck = 1.220910e19
const double Gambit::m_planck_red = m_planck/sqrt(8.0*pi)
const double Gambit::atomic_mass_unit = 0.931494028
const double Gambit::m_proton_amu = 1.00727646688
const double Gambit::m_neutron_amu = 1.0086649156
const double Gambit::m_proton = m_proton_amu * atomic_mass_unit
const double Gambit::m_neutron = m_neutron_amu * atomic_mass_unit
const double Gambit::m_electron = 0.5109989461e-3
const double Gambit::alpha_EM = 7.2973525664e-3
const double Gambit::c_SI = s2cm/100
 Values from Particle Data Group 2018 ( More...
const double Gambit::eV_to_J = 1.6021766208e-19
const double Gambit::Mpc_SI = 969394202136*pow(10,11)/pi
const double Gambit::GN_cgs = 6.67408e-8
const double Gambit::GN_SI = GN_cgs/1e3
const double Gambit::kB_SI = 1.38064852e-23
const double Gambit::kB_eV_over_K = kB_SI/eV_to_J
const double Gambit::hP_SI = 6.626070040e-34
const double Gambit::hP_eVs = hP_SI/eV_to_J
const double Gambit::hc_eVcm =hP_eVs*s2cm
const double Gambit::sigmaB_SI = 2*pow(pi,5)*pow(kB_SI,4)/(15*pow(hP_SI,3)*c_SI*c_SI)
const double Gambit::Neff_SM = 3.045
constexpr double Gambit::alpha_e_OS_thomson_limit = 0.0072973525664
 Thomson limit of $\alpha_e$ in OS scheme from PDG 2017 More...
constexpr double Gambit::alpha_e_OS_MZ = 1. / 128.944
 $\alpha_e(M_Z)$ in OS scheme from 1105.3149 More...
constexpr double Gambit::delta_alpha_OS = 1. - alpha_e_OS_thomson_limit / alpha_e_OS_MZ
 $\Delta\alpha$ in OS scheme. More...
const double Gambit::mw_central_observed = 80.385
 M_W (Breit-Wigner mass parameter ~ pole) = 80.385 +/- 0.015 GeV (1 sigma), Gaussian. More...
const double Gambit::mw_err_observed = 0.015

Detailed Description

Basic set of known mathematical and physical constants for GAMBIT.

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2015 Mar
Christoph Weniger (
2015 Apr
2016 Mar
Janina Renk (
2019 Mar
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2020 Jan

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