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scanner_plugin.hpp File Reference

declaration for scanner module More...

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#define __SCANNER_SETUP__
#define SCANNER_PLUGIN(plug_name, ...)   GAMBIT_PLUGIN_INITIALIZE(__SCANNER_SETUP__, plug_name, scanner, __VA_ARGS__) \
Scanner Plugin Macros

Macros used by the scanner plugin

Defines a scanner plugin.

Has the form: scanner_plugin(name, version).

#define scanner_plugin(...)   SCANNER_PLUGIN(__VA_ARGS__)

Detailed Description

declaration for scanner module

Authors (add name and date if you modify):

Gregory Martinez (
2013 August 2014 Feb
Pat Scott (
2014 Dec
Ben Farmer (
2016 Jul

Definition in file scanner_plugin.hpp.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define __SCANNER_SETUP__
using namespace Gambit::Scanner; \
void *get_purpose(const std::string &purpose) \
{ \
void *ptr = (get_input_value<Factory_Base>(1))(purpose); \
static_cast <Function_Base<void(void)>*>(ptr)->setPurpose(purpose); \
static_cast <Function_Base<void(void)>*>(ptr)->setPrinter(get_printer().get_stream()); \
static_cast <Function_Base<void(void)>*>(ptr)->setPrior(&get_prior()); \
assign_aux_numbers(purpose, "pointID", "MPIrank"); \
return ptr; \
} \
inline unsigned int &get_dimension() {return get_input_value<unsigned int>(0);} \
Generic function base used by the scanner. Can be Likelihood, observables, etc.

Definition at line 45 of file scanner_plugin.hpp.

◆ scanner_plugin

#define scanner_plugin (   ...)    SCANNER_PLUGIN(__VA_ARGS__)

Definition at line 42 of file scanner_plugin.hpp.


#define SCANNER_PLUGIN (   plug_name,
)    GAMBIT_PLUGIN_INITIALIZE(__SCANNER_SETUP__, plug_name, scanner, __VA_ARGS__) \

Definition at line 61 of file scanner_plugin.hpp.