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a Global And Modular Bsm Inference Tool
factory_defs.hpp File Reference

declaration for scanner module More...

#include <string>
#include <typeinfo>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/enable_shared_from_this.hpp>
#include "gambit/ScannerBit/scanner_utils.hpp"
#include "gambit/ScannerBit/printer_interface.hpp"
#include "gambit/ScannerBit/plugin_loader.hpp"
#include "gambit/Utils/signal_handling.hpp"
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class  Gambit::Scanner::Function_Base< T >
 Generic function base used by the scanner. Can be Likelihood, observables, etc. More...
class  Gambit::Scanner::Function_Deleter< T >
 Functor that deletes a Function_Base functor. More...
class  Gambit::Scanner::scan_ptr< T >
 Generic ptr that takes ownership of a Function_Base. This is how a plugin will call a function. More...
class  Gambit::Scanner::Function_Base< ret(args...)>
 Base function for the object that is upputed by "set_purpose". More...
class  Gambit::Scanner::Function_Deleter< ret(args...)>
class  Gambit::Scanner::scan_ptr< ret(args...)>
 Container class that hold the output of the "get_purpose" function. More...
class  Gambit::Scanner::like_ptr
 likelihood container for scanner plugins. More...
class  Gambit::Scanner::Factory_Base
 Pure Base class of a plugin Factory function. More...


 TODO: see if we can use this one:

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declaration for scanner module

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Gregory Martinez (
2015 Feb, Mar
Tomas Gonzalo (
2019 May
Patrick Stoecker (
2020 May

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