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mpiwrapper.hpp File Reference

A simple C++ wrapper for the MPI C bindings. More...

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Detailed Description

A simple C++ wrapper for the MPI C bindings.

It is by no means comprehensive, and is just intended to simplify some MPI commands within Gambit.

Extend as needed.

Note: Some C++ bindings already exist, but it appears that they are deprecated in really new versions of the MPI standard, and don't offer functionality over the C bindings anyway. I have nevertheless mirrored the names of some of the deprecated C++ bindings, in case it helps some people who were used to them.

There is also boost/mpi, but it is a compiled library and we have been avoiding those.

You can remove the error handlers if you want these wrappers to be independent of GAMBIT.

Authors (add name and date if you modify):

Ben Farmer (
2015 Apr
Pat Scott (
2015 Jun

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