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SpecBit_ScalarSingletDM.cpp File Reference

Functions of module SpecBit. More...

#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include "gambit/Elements/gambit_module_headers.hpp"
#include "gambit/Elements/spectrum.hpp"
#include "gambit/Utils/stream_overloads.hpp"
#include "gambit/Utils/util_macros.hpp"
#include "gambit/SpecBit/SpecBit_rollcall.hpp"
#include "gambit/SpecBit/SpecBit_helpers.hpp"
#include "gambit/SpecBit/QedQcdWrapper.hpp"
#include "gambit/Models/SimpleSpectra/SMHiggsSimpleSpec.hpp"
#include "gambit/Models/SimpleSpectra/ScalarSingletDMSimpleSpec.hpp"
#include "gambit/SpecBit/model_files_and_boxes.hpp"
#include "gambit/SpecBit/ScalarSingletDM_Z2Spec.hpp"
#include "gambit/SpecBit/ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec.hpp"
#include "flexiblesusy/src/ew_input.hpp"
#include "flexiblesusy/src/lowe.h"
#include "flexiblesusy/src/numerics2.hpp"
#include "flexiblesusy/src/spectrum_generator_settings.hpp"
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void Gambit::SpecBit::get_ScalarSingletDM_Z2_spectrum (Spectrum &result)
 Get a (simple) Spectrum object wrapper for the ScalarSingletDM_Z2 model. More...
void Gambit::SpecBit::get_ScalarSingletDM_Z3_spectrum (Spectrum &result)
 Get a (simple) Spectrum object wrapper for the ScalarSingletDM_Z3 model. More...
template<class MI , class SI >
Spectrum Gambit::SpecBit::run_FS_spectrum_generator (const typename MI::InputParameters &input, const SMInputs &sminputs, const Options &runOptions, const std::map< str, safe_ptr< const double > > &input_Param)
template<class T >
void Gambit::SpecBit::fill_ScalarSingletDM_input (T &input, const std::map< str, safe_ptr< const double > > &Param, SMInputs sminputs)
template<class T >
void Gambit::SpecBit::fill_extra_input (T &input, const std::map< str, safe_ptr< const double > > &Param)
bool Gambit::SpecBit::check_perturb (const Spectrum &spec, const std::vector< SpectrumParameter > &required_parameters, double scale, int pts)
void Gambit::SpecBit::ScalarSingletDM_higgs_couplings_pwid (HiggsCouplingsTable &result)
 Put together the Higgs couplings for the ScalarSingletDM models, from partial widths only. More...
void Gambit::SpecBit::fill_map_from_ScalarSingletDM_spectrum (std::map< std::string, double > &specmap, const Spectrum &singletdmspec, const std::vector< SpectrumParameter > &required_parameters)
 Print ScalarSingletDM spectra out. Stripped down copy of MSSM version with variable names changed. More...
void Gambit::SpecBit::get_ScalarSingletDM_Z2_spectrum_as_map (std::map< std::string, double > &specmap)
void Gambit::SpecBit::get_ScalarSingletDM_Z3_spectrum_as_map (std::map< std::string, double > &specmap)

Detailed Description

Functions of module SpecBit.

SpecBit module functions related to the scalar singlet DM model.

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Ben Farmer (
2015 May

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