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getxsec.cpp File Reference

Module functions for computing cross-sections. More...

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#define DEBUG_PREFIX   "DEBUG: OMP thread " << omp_get_thread_num() << ": " << __FILE__ << ":" << __LINE__ << ": "


std::pair< double, doubleGambit::ColliderBit::convert_xsecs_to_fb (double input_xsec, double input_xsec_uncert, str input_unit, bool input_fractional_uncert)
 Helper function that takes a cross-section value in fb or pb, along with an absolute or relative uncertainty, and returns the xsec and absolute uncertainty in fb. More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getPIDPairCrossSectionsMap_prospino (map_PID_pair_PID_pair_xsec &result)
 Get a cross-section from Prospino WORK IN PROGRESS. More...
PID_pair_xsec_container Gambit::ColliderBit::silly_pid_xsec_constructor (PID_pair pid_pair, double xsec_val)
 Test functions for provding PIDPairCrossSectionsMap (cross-sections in fb) More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getPIDPairCrossSectionsMap_testing (map_PID_pair_PID_pair_xsec &result)
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getProcessCrossSectionsMap (map_int_process_xsec &result)
 Get a map between Pythia process codes and cross-sections. More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getEvGenCrossSection (MC_xsec_container &result)
 Compute a cross-section from Monte Carlo. More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getEvGenCrossSection_as_base (xsec_container &result)
 Return MC_xsec_container as the base xsec_container. More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getNLLFastCrossSection (xsec_container &result)
 Get a cross-section from NLL-FAST. More...
bool Gambit::ColliderBit::checkOptions_getYAMLCrossSection (const Options &runOptions, const str calling_function, std::pair< str, str > &xsec_pnames, str &input_unit, bool &input_fractional_uncert, str &errmsg)
 A helper function to check the YAML options for getYAMLCrossSection and getYAMLCrossSection_SLHA. More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getYAMLCrossSection (xsec_container &result)
 A function that reads the total cross-section from the input file, but builds up the number of events from the event loop. More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getYAMLCrossSection_SLHA (xsec_container &result)
 A function that reads a list of (SLHA file, total cross-section) pairs from the input YAML file. More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getYAMLCrossSection_param (xsec_container &result)
 A function that assigns a total cross-sections directly from the scan parameters (for model ColliderBit_SLHA_scan_model) More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getTotalCrossSectionAsMap (map_str_dbl &result)
 Get cross-section info as map_str_dbl (for simple printing) More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::getPIDPairCrossSectionsInfo (map_str_dbl &result)
 Output PID pair cross-sections as a str-dbl map, for easy printing. More...
void Gambit::ColliderBit::doCrossSectionConsistencyCheck (bool &result)
 A consistency check that ensures that if each event is weighted by a process-level cross-section from an external calculator, then the total cross-section is taken from the event generator. More...

Detailed Description

Module functions for computing cross-sections.

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Pat Scott (
2019 Feb, May
Anders Kvellestad (
2019 Sep, Oct, Nov

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#define DEBUG_PREFIX   "DEBUG: OMP thread " << omp_get_thread_num() << ": " << __FILE__ << ":" << __LINE__ << ": "