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new_mpi_datatypes.hpp File Reference

Definitions of new MPI datatypes needed by printers. More...

#include "gambit/Utils/mpiwrapper.hpp"
#include "gambit/Utils/export_symbols.hpp"
#include <ostream>
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struct  Gambit::Printers::VBIDpair
 vertexID / sub-print index pair Identifies individual buffers (I call them VertexBuffer, but actually there can be more than one per vertex) More...
struct  Gambit::Printers::VBIDtrip
struct  Gambit::Printers::PPIDpair
 pointID / process number pair Used to identify a single parameter space point More...
struct  Gambit::Printers::PPIDHash
struct  Gambit::Printers::PPIDEqual
struct  Gambit::Printers::HDF5bufferchunk


 TODO: see if we can use this one:
 Forward declaration of Printers::BasePrinter class for use in print functions.


bool Gambit::Printers::operator< (const VBIDpair &l, const VBIDpair &r)
bool Gambit::Printers::operator== (const VBIDpair &l, const VBIDpair &r)
bool Gambit::Printers::operator!= (const VBIDpair &l, const VBIDpair &r)
bool Gambit::Printers::operator< (const VBIDtrip &l, const VBIDtrip &r)
bool Gambit::Printers::operator== (const VBIDtrip &l, const VBIDtrip &r)
bool Gambit::Printers::operator!= (const VBIDtrip &l, const VBIDtrip &r)
EXPORT_SYMBOLS bool Gambit::Printers::operator< (const PPIDpair &l, const PPIDpair &r)
EXPORT_SYMBOLS bool Gambit::Printers::operator== (const PPIDpair &l, const PPIDpair &r)
EXPORT_SYMBOLS bool Gambit::Printers::operator!= (const PPIDpair &l, const PPIDpair &r)
void Gambit::Printers::define_mpiHDF5bufferchunk ()


EXPORT_SYMBOLS const PPIDpair Gambit::Printers::nullpoint = PPIDpair()
 Define 'nullpoint' const. More...

Detailed Description

Definitions of new MPI datatypes needed by printers.

NOTE: These have been moved out of Printers, and not all names reflect this yet.

Authors (add name and date if you modify):

Ben Farmer (
2015 May

Definition in file new_mpi_datatypes.hpp.