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logger.cpp File Reference

Master source file for Gambit logging. More...

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 TODO: see if we can use this one:
 Forward declare minimial logging components needed to use logger.


Logging::LogMaster & Gambit::logger ()
 Function to retrieve a reference to the Gambit global log object. More...
LogMaster & Gambit::Logging::operator<< (LogMaster &, const std::string &)
 Stream functions for use with LogMaster. More...
LogMaster & Gambit::Logging::operator<< (LogMaster &logobj, const LogTag &tag)
 Handle LogTag input. More...
LogMaster & Gambit::Logging::operator<< (LogMaster &logobj, const endofmessage &eom)
 Handle end of message character. More...
LogMaster & Gambit::Logging::operator<< (LogMaster &logobj, const manip1 fp)
 Handle various stream manipulators. More...
LogMaster & Gambit::Logging::operator<< (LogMaster &, const manip2)
LogMaster & Gambit::Logging::operator<< (LogMaster &, const manip3)

Detailed Description

Master source file for Gambit logging.

The LogMaster object is statically declared here, so this should be in its own compilation unit. The function defined here lets you retrieve this static log object in the other compilation units. To use this function, include the header "log.hpp" in your file.

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Ben Farmer (
2014 Mar
Pat Scott (
2014 Mar

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