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ColliderBit_types.hpp File Reference

Type definition header for module ColliderBit. More...

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struct  Gambit::ColliderBit::AnalysisLogLikes
 Container for loglike information for an analysis. More...


 TODO: see if we can use this one:


typedef std::vector< AnalysisData > Gambit::ColliderBit::AnalysisNumbers
 Container for data from multiple analyses and SRs. More...
typedef std::vector< const AnalysisData * > Gambit::ColliderBit::AnalysisDataPointers
typedef std::map< std::string, AnalysisLogLikes > Gambit::ColliderBit::map_str_AnalysisLogLikes
 Typedef for a string-to-AnalysisLogLikes map. More...
typedef std::vector< AnalysisContainer > Gambit::ColliderBit::AnalysisContainers
 Container for multiple analysis containers. More...
typedef std::chrono::milliseconds Gambit::ColliderBit::ms
typedef std::chrono::steady_clock Gambit::ColliderBit::steady_clock
typedef std::chrono::steady_clock::time_point Gambit::ColliderBit::tp
typedef std::map< std::string, doubleGambit::ColliderBit::timer_map_type
typedef std::pair< std::string, SLHAstruct > Gambit::ColliderBit::pair_str_SLHAstruct
 Typedef for a str-SLHAstruct pair, to pass around SLHA filenames + content. More...
typedef std::vector< std::pair< int, int > > Gambit::ColliderBit::vec_iipair
 Typedefs related to cross-sections. More...
typedef std::vector< PID_pair > Gambit::ColliderBit::vec_PID_pair
typedef std::multimap< int, std::pair< int, int > > Gambit::ColliderBit::multimap_int_iipair
typedef std::multimap< int, PID_pair > Gambit::ColliderBit::multimap_int_PID_pair
typedef std::multimap< PID_pair, intGambit::ColliderBit::multimap_PID_pair_int
typedef std::map< int, xsec_container > Gambit::ColliderBit::map_int_xsec
typedef std::map< int, process_xsec_container > Gambit::ColliderBit::map_int_process_xsec
typedef std::map< std::pair< int, int >, PID_pair_xsec_container > Gambit::ColliderBit::map_iipair_PID_pair_xsec
typedef std::map< PID_pair, PID_pair_xsec_container > Gambit::ColliderBit::map_PID_pair_PID_pair_xsec
typedef HEPUtils::Event Gambit::ColliderBit::HEPUtils_Event
 Typedef for a std::function that sets the weight for the input HEPUtils::Event. More...
typedef std::function< void(HEPUtils_Event &, const BaseCollider *)> Gambit::ColliderBit::EventWeighterFunctionType

Detailed Description

Type definition header for module ColliderBit.

Compile-time registration of type definitions required for the rest of the code to communicate with ColliderBit.

Add to this if you want to define a new type for the functions in ColliderBit to return, but you don't expect that type to be needed by any other modules.

Authors (add name if you modify):

Abram Krislock (
Pat Scott (
2018 Jan
2019 Jan, May
Tomas Gonzalo (
2018 Feb

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