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VectorSingletDM_Z2SimpleSpec.hpp File Reference

A simple SubSpectrum wrapper for the VectorSingletDM_Z2 model. More...

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struct  Gambit::Models::VectorSingletDM_Z2Model
 Simple extension of the SMHiggsSimpleSpec "model object" to include vector DM parameters We could easily just put these in the wrapper itself, but I am leaving them in a separate struct for the sake of building up examples towards a more complicated "model" object. More...
struct  Gambit::SpecTraits< Models::VectorSingletDM_Z2SimpleSpec >
 Specialisation of traits class needed to inform base spectrum class of the Model and Input types. More...
class  Gambit::Models::VectorSingletDM_Z2SimpleSpec


 TODO: see if we can use this one:
 Forward declaration of Models::ModelFunctorClaw class for use in constructors.

Detailed Description

A simple SubSpectrum wrapper for the VectorSingletDM_Z2 model.

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Ankit Beniwal (
2016 Sep, 2017 Jun
Sanjay Bloor (
2018 Aug

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