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lhef2heputils.hpp File Reference
#include "gambit/cmake/cmake_variables.hpp"
#include "HEPUtils/Event.h"
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 lhef2heputils: a Les Houches Event Format (LHEF) -> HEPUtils::Event MC generator event file converter, based on lhef2hepmc.


void get_HEPUtils_event (const LHEF::Reader &, HEPUtils::Event &, double)
 Extract an LHE event as a HEPUtils::Event. More...

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◆ get_HEPUtils_event()

void get_HEPUtils_event ( const LHEF::Reader &  ,
HEPUtils::Event &  ,

Extract an LHE event as a HEPUtils::Event.

Referenced by Gambit::ColliderBit::getLHEvent().

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