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GamYields.cpp File Reference

Routines for the calculation of gamma-ray yield from dark matter annihilation / decay. More...

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void Gambit::DarkBit::GA_missingFinalStates (std::vector< std::string > &result)
 Identification of final states that are not yet tabulated. More...
daFunk::Funk Gambit::DarkBit::boost_dNdE (daFunk::Funk dNdE, double gamma, double mass)
 Boosts an energy spectrum of isotropic particles into another frame (and isotropizes again). Parameters: gamma: Lorentz boost factor dNdE: Spectrum mass: mass of particle. More...
daFunk::Funk Gambit::DarkBit::getYield (TH_Process process, double Ecm, double mass, TH_ProcessCatalog catalog, SimYieldTable table, double line_width, stringFunkMap cascadeMC_gammaSpectra)
 Helper function returning yield from a given DM process. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::GA_AnnYield_General (daFunk::Funk &result)
 General routine to derive annihilation yield. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::GA_DecayYield_General (daFunk::Funk &result)
 General routine to derive yield from decaying DM. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::SimYieldTable_DS5 (SimYieldTable &result)
 SimYieldTable based on DarkSUSY5 tabulated results. (DS6 below) More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::SimYieldTable_DarkSUSY (SimYieldTable &result)
 SimYieldTable based on DarkSUSY6 tabulated results. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::SimYieldTable_MicrOmegas (SimYieldTable &result)
 SimYieldTable based on MicrOmegas tabulated results. More...
void Gambit::DarkBit::SimYieldTable_PPPC (SimYieldTable &)
 SimYieldTable based on PPPC4DMID Cirelli et al. 2010. More...

Detailed Description

Routines for the calculation of gamma-ray yield from dark matter annihilation / decay.

Authors (add name and date if you modify):

Christoph Weniger (
2013 Jul - 2015 May
Sebastian Wild (sebas.nosp@m.tian.nosp@m..wild.nosp@m.@ph..nosp@m.tum.d.nosp@m.e)
2016 Aug
Sanjay Bloor (
2018 Aug

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