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SpecBit_helpers.hpp File Reference

Declarations of convenience (i.e. More...

#include "gambit/Elements/sminputs.hpp"
#include "flexiblesusy/src/lowe.h"
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 TODO: see if we can use this one:


void Gambit::SpecBit::setup_QedQcd (softsusy::QedQcd &oneset, const SMInputs &sminputs)
 Non-Gambit helper functions. More...
bool Gambit::SpecBit::has_neutralino_LSP (const Spectrum &result)
 Check that the spectrum has a neutralino LSP. More...
bool Gambit::SpecBit::has_neutralino_LSP (const Spectrum *result)
 Helper to work with pointer. More...

Detailed Description

Declarations of convenience (i.e.

non-Gambit) functions used by more than one SpecBit source file.

Authors (add name and date if you modify):

Ben Farmer (
2014 Sep - Dec, 2015 Jan - May
Tomas Gonzalo (
Jul 2020

Definition in file SpecBit_helpers.hpp.